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Listings submitted to this site are submitted by companies, individuals, organizations, and businesses.

To submit a listing to this site, you are required to register. This information is required to communicate directly with you should the need arise.

You only need to register once. Your account will allow you to edit your listing at any time.

Please record your account information in a safe place for further submissions.

Information Submitted:

  • Information submitted is generated from the Listing Submission Form on this site.
  • The information submitted is used for the listing only.
  • South Island Tech does not share information submitted for third party distribution. We do not share or sell information submitted. Information submitted is used only to display relevant information required for the Listing only.
  • South Island Tech does verify the accuracy of information submitted. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the information
  • Please review or privacy policy for more information or contact us for further clarification.

All Listings are processed through our PayPal Account.

Moderation Of Information Submitted:

  • All listings submitted to this site are pending a review from a site administrator prior to publishing. Any information submitted deemed not suitable are deleted and payment refunded.
  • Please note that as this service is a resource to the community and site users, South Island Tech reserves the right to delete, remove or not allow submissions at any time without notice.
  • Listings submitted are usually published within 24 hours of reciept.

Packages Information:

  • Please review what you will need to submit your listing and what you will be billed for. Click the “How To Submit” link on the navigation bar to review packages and charges.
  • All Listings are for one year (1 year) from date of publishing.

Refund Policy:

  • For Listings deemed not suitable for the site, you will be notified by email and credit card payment will be refunded. There is a charge of $20.00 applied to the refund amount for processing.
  • Should you not have the ability to process payment by credit card on our site, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.

We keep our Listing Package pricing as low as is possible. We look forward to your listing with us.



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